Immigration and integration are important topics in Europe nowadays. Thus it is necessary to inform young people about these topics.

Five students and two teachers went to Milan in November 2014 to exchange its experiences with migration and the results of their project with other students from Milan, Leno, Helsingborg, Helsingoer, Bilbao, Lübeck and Berlin.

The students lived in host-families for these four days, so they learned about Italian culture intensely.

During their period of residence the students watched the videos, which they had produced for the meeting and discussed about the shown videos.

The students henceforth met specialists for integration and immigration in the Royale Palace (Palazzo Reale), which gave a presentation about the achievements on integration and immigration in Milan. This presentation was spoiled by vacuous statements and the specialists’ bad English skills. All in all, this presentation was only meant to be an advertisement for the Exposition 2015 in Milan.

The next day, immigrants showed different traditional dances to the students, therefore they learned to negotiate barriers against different cultures and to accept them.

On the last day, the students had a multi-cultural dinner, with food from different countries.

Conclusively, one could say, that the Italian people are very hospitable, kind and hearty.

Additionally, the students learned much about different cultures and met interesting new people, so that they became much more open for new things and people from other cultures.