For the final meeting of our 2-year-project “The challenge of immigration and European Identity” all eight schools met in Italy, especially in Leno from 4th - 7th May 2015 to evaluate about the project.

Leno is a little town in the area of Brescia, close to lake Garda.

On 4th May all students arrived in Leno. There we were picked up by our host students, while the teachers were driven to their hotels. There was no program for this evening, thus the students could spend their time individually. Most of them met again in small groups, spent the evening together and got to know each other.

On the next day everyone met again at the school, where we were welcomed with a little speech of Mrs. Emilguerri who organized our meeting and of the principal. Then they presented a short video to us which was called “A day in the life of a foreign student in Capirola”. This video demonstrated us in a funny way the difficulties of integration for foreigners.

After that, some teachers guided us through the school and showed us the Italian school system. We could see that there are a lot of differences, compared to other schools. In the following each school showed the presentations they had to prepare before concerning the help offered to immigrants in their home town. We got to know that each town is concerned by the problem of immigration and that they had many different institutions to help immigrants to integrate into society. A short break followed.

To get to know each other, we were separated into six groups that had to work on the topic of a “welcome culture”. Within these groups we could exchange a lot of ideas and could get to know different perspectives.

After finishing the report, we had a lunch break.

Then we had to meet again in front of the school to take the bus to Brescia.

There we had a guided tour through the museum of St. Giulia which used to be a medieval monastery. Then we walked through the town, where some students presented to us the sights of Brescia. After this we took the bus back to Leno and the official program for this day ended.


On Wednesday all students met again at 8 am and we discussed our report about 'welcome culture'. Then we evaluated about the two years of our project by analysing the results of the questionnaire, each student and each teacher had to fill in before. It got clear that most of the students were really satisfied with the project and the experiences they made during the meetings. Nearly everyone felt concerned about the topic of immigration and integration. The teachers were also very happy with the results of the project.

After another break we took the bus to Sirmione, a beautiful small town at the lake Garda. There we spent our free time, by walking around the town, eating ice cream and buying some souvenirs. At the end of our trip we all together went to visit some ruins of a Roman villa.

Back in Leno we went home with our hosts and met again in the evening at a Pizzeria in Manerbio, a town close to Leno. There we enjoyed our last evening together with some delicious pizza.


After a wonderful last evening together, we all had to say goodbye the other day. We arrived at school on Thursday 7th May at 8 am, where we gathered in the school hall and went out to the school yard for a few last words by the teachers. Everyone was very happy and enjoyed the time we spent together and got to know so many people from different countries. Thus we were sad to say goodbye already. After the bus had arrived, everyone except for the students and teachers of Leno got into the bus which took us to Milano, where the others separated as well.

After this last meeting of our project concerning immigration and European identity, we can say that we have learnt a lot and are happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many nice people from different places.