The second meeting took place in Elsinore (Danish: Helsingør), Denmark and in Helsingborg (Sweden).Fortunately, my good friend Andreas Westendorf joined and went there on April 1st. His group consisted of five students and two teachers. They stayed with a host family in Denmark for these four days, while some students for example from Lübeck stayed in Sweden.

On the first day they went to Helsingborg, Sweden by ferry which took us about 15 minutes. In the school there the students listened to a lecture about discrimination by a concerned African person who immigrated to Sweden. Subsequently, we watched a convenient film.

After lunch the main work started. The participants were divided into groups that had worked on several parties. Andreas was part of the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats in Europe. The groups were then confronted with the dilemma that 50.000 refugees from Syria come to seek asylum in Europe. From the party’s point of view the groups discussed the dilemma and thought about how to solve the problem.

After choosing a chairman for the group and finishing the bill (solution proposal) the participants went to see the city of Helsingborg and learn about its history.

The second day was spent in Denmark and predominantly at school. In the morning two Danish politicians came and talked about their policy. They supported the DF (Danish People’s Party) and the RV (Social-Liberal Party). The DF is described as a right-wing populist party whereas the RV could be described as radical left. The fact that these parties contrast each other in some positions, especially concerning immigration, made the lecture even more interesting.

The following debate enabled questions and answers.

Starting with an own Youth Parliament the students needed to be explained some rules. There were two persons (presidium) who organized and guided our discussion. First each chairman of every group went to the front and gave his speech about his represented party’s opinion.

After discussing and talking about the different solutions the Youth Parliament members decided on one bill and made a few amendments in the whole group. Finally the majority voted for the bill of progressive alliance of socialists and democrats in Europe with deletion of the Dublin II protocol, the addition of a right that make immigrants to search for a job and the fact that Denmark or Sweden needs to carry more asylum seekers than in the past in order to relieve the pressure from Spain and Italy. The programm ended with dinner in the cafeteria and the students went home on 4th April.