Our international meeting took place in Berlin, Karow in March 2015.

On the first day the schools were received by the school band and a buffet. Later on,  the students got to know their host families and had time to talk to each other. Additionally, the footprint-posters prepared for this meeting were hung and read examined by different members.

The very next day, a guided bus tour through Berlin was organized.

By this,we got an overview concerning Berlin and ist districts. After that, the students and teachers   visited the Parliament. visited Furthermore, students from different schools in Europe  were mixed together and made up groups. Each single group had to deal with a

"hotspot" in a specific district in Berlin. The students were given the task to find out different kinds of footprints of immigration in Berlin. In our groups, we exchanged much information concerning immigration, school, and the life in general.

On the last day, each group came together in order to sum up the results and create a poster representing a disrict of the respective hotspot. Besides, each group's leader presented his /her hotspot in public. Thus everyone got to know different kinds of footprints existing Berlin.

The last  programe consisted of the meeting with the representative of  a German party called  "Die  Linke" which took place in a conference   room of the Parliament building .

The  representative   gave  a  speech   followed   by   the   listeners '  questions .

At  the  end  of   the   day ,  the   students   got   free  time in  order   to   spent   some  time  with   their   frieds .

On  Thursday ,  there  was  planned  a  farewell   which  i.a.  the   group   from  Waldbrl  could   participate  in.

We   set  off  early  in  the   morning   and   arrived  in Cologne at  noon .

As a  group   we   can   say   that   this  international  meeting  via  the  Comenius  project   let   us   gain   much   experience   and   make   knew   friends !