European Identity - A welcome culture


Immigration; the number of people emigrated from their home country to another, has increased enormously, and it keeps increasing every day. The main reasons why people immigrate are because they are either persecuted, or there are war conflicts, financial problems or simply because they see possibilities in other countries that they do not see in their country. However, these are only the negative parts of immigration. Immigrating to another country does not always signify that you enter the country, for instance, because of persecution. People also emigrate because of studies or just simply to learn another language and experience another culture and tradition.

The difficulties that immigrants usually face when immigrating to another country, is that they are not able to communicate in the foreign language with the other citizens, they meet people who have different social behaviour, which for both the immigrants and the established citizens, is an issue. Due to this, racism often emerges. Immigrants often feel that they do not get the attention they deserve, only because they are immigrants.

So what can we do for immigrants that they do not feel this way? What help could we offer the immigrants?

To make immigrants feel safe and secure, we first must to help them with essential things; residence, food and medical care. When they have all this, we can then start thinking about the next steps that will give them a chance to be part of the society. Those could be teaching them the foreign language, inform them how the system works in the country, include the in the social system and more. To make this possible, we can arrange different meetings with the immigrants, but also have established citizens there, so they can exchange experiences, learn about the culture of each other and at the same practice the foreign language.

Furthermore, people can cooperate in order to overcome social behaviour differences that we have. Overcoming these obstacles that unfortunately are there, we must try to be more open-minded, which will lead us to becoming a multicultural society, which can welcome and accept all people, no matter what roots they have.